If you are a yoga instructor, please consider organizing one or repeat donation classes at your studio to benefit Liberation Prison Yoga.  

Volunteer Opportunities:

If you have a particular skill and wish to devote a minimum of 1 hour per week to serving the cause, we can use support with the following:

  • grant research
  • record keeping (assisting the admin staff)
  • help maintain our social media and join the team
  • designing and publishing our monthly newsletter
  • designing posters and flyers
  • photography


How can you help people get involved?


  1. Social Media Support This really helps! Encouraging friends and family to follow our Instagram or Facebook page is great. Liking our posts and reposting or sharing content that is meaningful to you is very helpful. The more we share our story the more support we get, the more people we can serve. If you’re not already following, we can be found on @liberationprisonyoga for both FB and Insta.
  2. Help a Friend to Sign Up to A Training If you there is a teacher or serious practitioner in your life who you think would be enriched by one of our training workshops don’t keep us a secret! We gain so much from having new teachers train with us, even if they don’t go on to become a teacher with us. Being able to share our mission in this comprehensive way means more understanding, more support, more community and greater ability to serve.
  3. Help a Friend Volunteer If our mission speaks to some who isn’t a yoga teacher that doesn’t mean they can’t be extremely valuable to us. We are always looking for people who have special skills matched with enthusiasm. Please encourage these precious volunteers to get in touch via our website.
  4. Help a Friend Donate You may have met someone who wants to support the LPY mission with cold hard cash, great news, we need it! If there is philanthropic organization or individual donor that you think might have a potential interest in supporting us in a more significant way please contact Anneke directly at anneke@liberationprisonyoga.org


Contact info@liberationprisonyoga.org for more information